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Facing One Qiblah

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Facing One Qiblah

Legal and Doctrinal Aspects of Sunni and Shi'ah Muslims

Karim D. Crow, Ahmad Kazemi Moussavi

The Sunni-Shi'ah schism has had a profound impact upon the Muslim mind, even though the two groups share Islam's fundamental commitment to freedom of faith, political justice and social equity. The chief obstacle against real convergence between Sunni and Shi'ah Muslims remains the burden of crystallized attitudes inherited from the past. The authors train the light of critical scholarship of controversies over the past to indicate in what manner both groups have used and abused the past. By focusing upon injustices and iniquities within and without the Ummah shall Muslim leaders and thinkers overcome internal schisms and forge true solidarity.

First Edition : 2005

ISBN : 9971-77-552-2

Pages : 246 pp

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